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Your Addiction Story in 54 Q & A’s: “How I Turned Into My Junkie Dad”

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We did a Q & A. We wanted to simply tell the story of an individual who battled with drug addiction and then came out on the other side into…

Jim Irsay Arrested in March High on Oxycodone and Hydrocodone, Suspended and Fined

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Indianapolis Colts owner is suspended for six games and fined $500,000 by NFL after pleading guilty to driving while so high that he couldn’t even recite the alphabet. The billionaire…

CVS to Start Providing Narcan Without a Prescription: Rhode Island Has the Right Idea

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CVS may be joining Walgreens in providing Narcan without a prescription. That means for Rhode Island, Narcan is going to be much more widely available. Rhode Island Hospital drug abuse…

Coming Soon: Possible Federal Funding for Inpatient Drug Treatment

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There is legislation moving around in the House of Representatives that may establish a federal grant program to fund inpatient treatment for heroin abuse. The bill is a response to…